Workshop Title: Egypt & Entrepreneurship: Magnificent Past – Challenging Present – Exciting Future

Date: Friday, June 17th, 2016
Time: 3:45 p.m.
Location: Stevens Institute of Technology – Babbio Center
Authors Ahmed Osman, Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby and Ayman Ismail

Session Chair: Ahmed Osman (President of ICSB Egypt (MAKSABY)
Moderator: Hossam Saleh (MAKSABY)

Presenters: Ahmed Mohamed Shalaby, Ayman Ismail, and Amr Abu Elzam
Panelists: Amr Gohar, Hossam Maksood, and Pierre Girgis
Workshop Abstract:
The famous economist, Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950), was among the first to lay out a clear concept of entrepreneurship. Schumpeter pointed out the many ways that entrepreneurs innovate. He called attention to the fact that not only do they innovate by figuring out how to use inventions, but they also innovate by inventing new means of production, new products, and new forms of organization. Entrepreneurs in other words, improve the productive capacity of society by generating the “creative destruction” of positive economic change.
Egypt in in the midst a new iteration of entrepreneurship. It is based on the idea that business innovation must be harnessed to fundamentally reinvent and redefine the meaning of compensated work. In the new economy business innovation is challenged to improve the human experience and preserve the planet that supports it. 
This workshop and subsequent conference in Egypt in November 2016 focuses on the intersections between innovation, opportunity recognition, and sustainability. Egypt version of entrepreneurship is a youth driven effort to create viable “work opportunities” in an economy now distant from its agricultural and industrial forerunners.
Special Thanks:
TatweerMisr for being Sponsor of ICSB 2016 Welcome Reception — Dr. Ahmed Shalaby
The Egyptian American Community Foundation – Dr. Hossam Maksood and Mr. Pierre Girgis (your hard work is truly appreciated)