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PSED Workshop: US and Four Country, Five Cohort Data Sets

Paul D. Reynolds & Diana M. Hechavarria

ICSB Annual Meeting
17-18 June 2016

The only data sets that provide a description of the entrepreneurial process, or business creation, for representative samples of those in the venture creation process are those that have implemented the Panel Studies of Entrepreneurial Dynamics [PSED] protocols. While the most extensive, fully documented data in the public domain are the two U.S. cohorts [PSED I, II], critical variables have been harmonized across five data sets representing four countries [Australia, China, Sweden, and the United States]. A two part, four hour workshop on the development of these data sets, their structure, and how to utilize them for analysis will be provided on 17-18 June 2016 as part of the ICSB annual conference.

The initial two hour session, on 17 June 2016, will cover the following topics:

  • Rational for developing the research program.
  • Design and implementation of sampling nascent ventures.
  • Overview of multi-wave data collection issues.
  • Major issues in developing a data set for analysis.
  • Access to and major features of the U.S. PSED I, II data sets
  • Access to and major features of the Five Cohort Data set.

It is assumed that this will provide participants with the information required to develop research issues, topics that may be addressed with these PSED data sets. The workshop team will be available to assist with this effort.

Each participant is expected to have an explicit research question or topic for discussion in the second two-hour session, on 18 June 2016. This session will be devoted to discussions, led by the workshop team, on how the PSED data sets can help provide answers to each participant’s research issue. Participants will receive the most benefit from the second day workshop session if they have a laptop with the SPSS statistical package for the second day session. A working knowledge of data processing with SPSS would be helpful. The workshop team may be able to provide assistance for SAS users.

Materials provided to each participant:

  • A USB memory stick (removable flash drive memory card) with full documentation and data sets for the US PSED I, II and the five cohort data sets.
  • Hard copy of all presentation materials

Maximum size: 20 participants


Diana M. Hechavarria, PhD
Assistant Professor
Center for Entrepreneurship
College of Business
University of South Florida

RSVP - PSED Workshop

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  • SPSS statistical package

Academic Entrepreneurship in the Dynamic Era of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The purpose of the workshop is to one, analyze the present and increasing socioeconomic era that is replacing a significant number – and will replace a larger number – of middle class work [jobs] and two, examine the probability that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship could/might/will increasingly replace the present and predicted middle class job losses. My tag line thinking “provoked” me to label this socioeconomic ‘solution’ as the “new Yankee ingenuity.” Many ancient minded scholars remembered those people who came through Ellis Island and discovered that USA streets were not made of gold; so they created small companies that provided both work and incomes for themselves, their families, and other immigrants. They created small and medium size businesses [SMEs] and became entrepreneurs.  Since the turn of the 21st Century a serious discussion has arisen focusing on the socioeconomic consequences of robotics and artificial intelligence [AI].  Opinions about the importance of these developments are found in recent books, various magazines, and online.

This workshop is created to discuss how entrepreneurs and SMEs might provide a “solution” to the Future of Work issue. Many journal and magazine articles and some books focus on the present and increasing loss of middle-class jobs. This seminar [group of “seasoned” academic entrepreneurship scholars – some with considerable experience as entrepreneurs themselves – can begin a very important conversation about whether academic entrepreneurship scholars should focus on and provide ‘solutions’ for the seemingly inevitable middle-class job losses [often named the Fourth Industrial Revolution.]



G. Dale Meyer <>
Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado – Boulder
Senior Chairman, Western Partners Worldwide Foundation
Wilford White Fellow and Past-President Representative to the ICSB Board of Directors

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